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If you like granite, you'll be pleased to learn that it's 100% natural, and it is a hard stone (almost like a diamond) that can be mined from a quarry anywhere in the world. To work with granite, you would cut it down to a working size, and then you would polish it to get a fine finish. Anything you do on a granite countertop can be countered by the hardness of the granite: it can take heat, it can take a knife, it can take a broken glass. However, granite stains easily, so be careful with the red wine and the oily foods and food that is colored with artificial colors.

If your granite isn't treated, it can discolor or stain very easily. Even dark and oily foods set on it can make it discolored. However, there is a new stain-resistant granite called Stonemark on the market. This stone is filled with a solution that keeps it from staining for up to 15 years. We are sure you'll love how much this protects you from spill and stain worry. The solution is water-based too so it's perfectly safe to use in your kitchen or throughout your home.

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